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Fostoria Etched Patterns for sale:

We try to carry an extensive inventory of Fostoria etched patterns. The following listings are just some of the items we currently have in stock, and in many cases, we have more than one piece of the item listed. We cannot list all of our inventory, as we exhibit at shows and the inventory changes fairly frequently. Please call us if you are looking for something specific that you don't see listed.

If your pattern is not one of Fostoria's etched patterns, we have another whole page devoted to Fostoria NON-etched patterns.

As with our other pages, if an item is underlined, that is an indication that an annotated picture is available for that item. Click on the underlined phrase to view the picture. We do not like to slow down page loading by providing "thumbnails". If you want to look at a picture, it should be your choice.

Fostoria Colored and Etched Patterns

Fostoria manufactured quite a few etched patterns on their colored glassware blanks. You find many of the most popular on the "Fairfax" blank, accompanied by stemware in either the #5098 or #5099 blanks. But several patterns were done on the "Lafayette" and "Mayfair" blanks and Fostoria also used other stemware blanks for matching stems.

Pattern Color Description Price Note
JUNE [1928 - 1943 (to 1951 in crystal only) ]
JUNE Azure(blue) Fostoria JUNE Mayonnaise/Liner/Spoon $225  
JUNE Azure(blue) Fostoria JUNE Sugar bowl WITH LID $355 LID is SCARCE
JUNE Pink Fostoria JUNE Sugar bowl WITH LID $375 LID is SCARCE
JUNE Yellow (topaz) Fostoria JUNE #5000 Jug (pitcher) $395  
JUNE Yellow (topaz) Fostoria JUNE #5098 Goblet - 9oz, 8¼ in. $50 Have 6
JUNE Yellow (topaz) Fostoria JUNE footed cup & saucer $28  
JUNE Yellow (topaz) Fostoria JUNE 6" bread/butter plate $9  
JUNE Yellow (topaz) Fostoria JUNE 7¼" salad plate $13  
JUNE Yellow (topaz) Fostoria JUNE 8½" luncheon plate $22 SOLD OUT
JUNE Crystal Fostoria JUNE #5000 Jug (pitcher) $395  
JUNE Crystal Fostoria JUNE #5098 Goblet $47 Have 6
JUNE Crystal Fostoria JUNE #5098 Iced Tea $45 Have 2
JUNE Crystal Fostoria JUNE #5098 Champagne or High Sherbet $26 Have 8
JUNE Crystal Fostoria JUNE Individual "Tea" cream/sugar set $95  
JUNE Crystal Fostoria JUNE #2375 footed Salt/Pepper set $155  
JUNE Crystal Fostoria JUNE 7½" Salad plate $9  
VERSAILLES [1929 - 1943]
VERSAILLES Pink Fostoria VERSAILLES #5098 Tall Sherbet $40  
VERSAILLES Pink Fostoria VERSAILLES #5098 Low Sherbet $32 Have 8
VERSAILLES Pink Fostoria VERSAILLES Individual (tea) creamer $45  
VERSAILLES Pink Fostoria VERSAILLES footed Salt & Pepper $185  
VERSAILLES Pink Fostoria VERSAILLES 14" Torte/Round Platter $125 Wear-As Is
VERSAILLES Pink Fostoria VERSAILLES footed cup w/saucer $27  
VERSAILLES Green Fostoria VERSAILLES footed cup w/saucer $35 Have 8
VERSAILLES Yellow (topaz) Fostoria VERSAILLES #5099 Goblet $58  
VERSAILLES Yellow (topaz) Fostoria VERSAILLES Oyster cocktail - $28  
VERSAILLES Yellow (topaz) Fostoria VERSAILLES #2375 Handled & Footed Oil $495  
VERSAILLES Yellow (topaz) Fostoria VERSAILLES Individual Sugar/Creamer $95  
VERSAILLES Yellow (topaz) Fostoria VERSAILLES 10" Bow-handled Dessert Bowl $135 Have 2
VERSAILLES Yellow (topaz) Fostoria VERSAILLES footed cup w/saucer $28 Have 6
VERSAILLES Yellow (topaz) Fostoria VERSAILLES 10¼" Dinner plate $120  
Price Reduced KASHMIR [1930 - 1933]
KASHMIR Topaz Fostoria KASHMIR Cereal Bowl - 6" $30 Have 2
KASHMIR Topaz Fostoria KASHMIR Berry Bowl - 5" $18 Have 7
KASHMIR Topaz Fostoria KASHMIR 11" Celery $40  
KASHMIR Topaz Fostoria KASHMIR 8½" Relish $35  
KASHMIR Topaz Fostoria KASHMIR Flat Salad Dressing Bottle $495 RARE
KASHMIR Yellow (topaz) Fostoria KASHMIR 10¼" Dinner plate $60 Have 7
KASHMIR Yellow (topaz) Fostoria KASHMIR 9½" Small Dinner plate $20 Have 8
KASHMIR Yellow (topaz) Fostoria KASHMIR 7½" Salad plate $10 Have 7
KASHMIR Yellow (topaz) Fostoria KASHMIR 6" Bread & Butter plate $7 Have 4
KASHMIR Yellow (topaz) Fostoria KASHMIR Cream Soup bowl $25 Have 2
KASHMIR Yellow (topaz) Fostoria KASHMIR Boullion cup $20 Have 1
TROJAN [1929 - 1943]
(currently out of stock)

Fostoria "Brocade" etchings

Fostoria's "brocade" etchings were done in the late 20's and early 30's. Brocades are unusual in that the background is etched and the pattern is left untouched. This treatment was applied to blue, azure, pink, green, black, crystal and orchid pieces. They are all fairly scarce. We've never seen a brocade in yellow.

Pattern Color Description Price Note
Oakwood Azure (blue) Fostoria blue Oakwood fan vase $595  
Oakwood Orchid Fostoria orchid Oakwood ice bucket $175  

Fostoria crystal etched patterns:
"Navarre", "Meadow Rose", "Chintz", etc.

Fostoria produced many crystal etched and wheel-cut patterns, and below you will find some of the more common ones (and some uncommon ones, too). All of these lovely Fostoria crystal patterns tend to sell out rather quickly. Note that colored "Navarre" pieces were produced very late - in the 1970's and 80's. Pieces of azure (blue) "Meadow Rose" are scarce, and were done before WW II.

Fostoria CHINTZ(1940-1973)
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ Goblet - 7 5/8" $45 Sold out
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ Low Goblet - 6 1/8" $38 Have 5
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ Iced Tea - 6 1/8" $35 Have 7
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ Tall Sherbet/Saucer Champagne $28  
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ Cocktail $30  
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ Low Sherbet $22  
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ Mayonnaise/Liner & Spoon $155  
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ 8¼" 3-ftd tidbit tray $48  
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ handled "tricorne" bowl $35  
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ 7½" Salad plate $16  
Crystal Fostoria CHINTZ full size cream/sugar (pair) $55  
Fostoria NAVARRE Crystal(1936-1982)
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE crystal 16oz Magnum wine $165 Have 2
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Cordial -¾oz - 3 7/8" $75 Have 3
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Goblet - 10oz - 7 5/8" $42 Have 8
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Footed Ice Tea - 13oz - 5 7/8" $42  
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Saucer Champagne - 6oz, 5 5/8" $28 Have 6
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE low Sherbet - 6oz - 4 3/8" $25  
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Cocktail - 3½oz, 5¼" $25 Have 1
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE footed Juice tumbler - 5oz, 4 5/8" $35  
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Oyster Cocktail - 4oz, 3 5/8" $40 Have 6
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Cream/Sugar $45  
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE Footed Salt/Pepper set $165  
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE 3-part relish $65  
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE square 2-part relish $45  
Crystal Fostoria NAVARRE 7" Salad plate $18  
Fostoria NAVARRE Azure(blue) (1973-1982)
Azure (blue) Fostoria NAVARRE#6016 Factory-made Bell $85  
Fostoria MEADOW ROSE(1936-1975)
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE Pitcher (Jug) $495  
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE #6016 Goblet - 7 5/8" - 10oz $55  
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE #6016 Ice Tea - 13oz $65  
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE #6016 Tall Sherbet - 5 5/8" - 6oz $32  
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE Oyster Cocktail - 4oz, 3 5/8" $45  
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE individual salt/pepper shakers(pair) $95  
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE 3-part Relish $85  
Crystal Fostoria MEADOW ROSE 7" Salad plate (Baroque blank) $16  
Fostoria MIDNIGHT ROSE(1933-1957)
Crystal Fostoria MIDNIGHT ROSE Jug (pitcher) - UNUSUAL $400  
Fostoria ROGENE(1924-1929)
Crystal Fostoria ROGENE #5082 Goblet $28 Have 8
Fostoria CORSAGE(1935-1959)
Crystal Fostoria CORSAGE #2470 Vase $175  
Crystal Fostoria CORSAGE #6014 Oyster Cocktail - 4oz - 4¾" $20 Have 7
Crystal Fostoria CORSAGE 3-part relish dish $45  
Crystal Fostoria CORSAGE 7½" Salad plate $14 Have 6
Fostoria MAYFLOWER(1938-1957)
Crystal Fostoria MAYFLOWER footed salt/pepper $125  
Fostoria WILLOWMERE(1938-1970)
Crystal Fostoria WILLOWMERE #6024 Goblet - 10oz - 7 1/8" $45 Have 1
Crystal Fostoria WILLOWMERE individual salt/pepper set $95  
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